Howto mass delete old Tweets on Twitter

There’s unfortunately no way to mass delete old Tweets you’ve posted on Twitter. There are some online services, who promise to delete your data for you, but since you’ll have to grant them access to your account I’ve got a bad feeling and wanted to do things on my own.

I’ve tried last year a windows only software called Twitter Archive Eraser. Last year it used to be a github project which you could compile locally and let it run on your account. It’s now free for a limited amount of tweets and also only works with tweets not older than two years. To remove these restrictions you’ve got to pay a small amount for a license.

You’ll need to download your complete message archive for the deletion process. Once you’ve got the data from Twitter you might as well start to write a little script which deletes the old messages for you using the Twitter post id.

Luckily, I found this blog post by Kris Shaffer. He explains how he deleted a large amount of his tweets using python so I’ve started to try this for myself. There was also a different blog which explained the process more beginner friendly. However, I’ve got problems with misformatted characters so I’ve decided to post my used code as gist to github:

To use this I’ve done the following things:

  • Requested and download my account data from Twitter
  • Create a Twitter developer account
  • Created a new app to get Api keys and Access tokens
  • Installed python3 on my mac with homebrew ‚brew install python3‘
  • Installed tweepy with pip3 ‚pip3 install tweepy‘
  • Created a virtual environment for this script
  • Copied the lines in blocks into the python3 interactive shell

Please be aware that above gist only deleted the tweets from 2017 to June 2018. Please refer for other scenarios to Kris blog post (e.g. delete only mentions in a given time frame).

Disable WordPress Trackbacks to avoid spam

I’ve intended to disable all comment or trackback functionality to avoid having spam and dealing with it in form of anti-spam plugins like Akismet. While I already had comments disabled, Trackbacks were still active.

Even when you disable Trackbacks in the WordPress settings via „Settings / Discussion“ under „Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (Pingbacks and Trackbacks)“, your existing pages needs manual update to take effect.

Connect to your MySQL database of your blog (e.g. with PHPMyAdmin) and execute these two queries:

UPDATE wp_posts set ping_status='closed' WHERE post_status='publish' AND post_type='post';
UPDATE wp_posts set ping_status='closed' WHERE post_status='publish' AND post_type='page';


I’ve found this information on Andreas blog, thank you!

WP-Sweep plugin helps you to clean up your WordPress data

Inspired by this tweet, I’ve decided to give WP-Sweep a try:

WP-Sweep is a new WordPress plugin which only uses the official WordPress API to delete and clean up orphaned and unused data.

I’ve given it a try on my personal blog and it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately I’ve forgot to write down the exact percentages on what could be sweeped and saved but I have now a good feeling that at least my > 3000 blocked spam comments are finally gone 🙂

Don’t forget to backup your data, before you try this!

How to use your old Huawei E169 UMTS Stick on Mac OS X Lion

It is time to take care of older Hardware running on Mac OS X Lion. This blog post will be about my old Huawei E169 USB UMTS stick, which I use from time to time when no WLAN is available.

Its software was designed to be used under 10.5, so the upgrade to 10.6 was also problematical.

Lion uses a new 64 bit kernel, therefore the older drivers from Snow Leopard do not work anymore. After searching Google, I found this blog post which links to a new driver package. This package is from the english support page of the provider three, however its mpkg installer package contains the necessary drivers for Lion. So you can go ahead and extract the downloaded zip. You will find a file called „3Connect“. You can right click and view its content. In Contents/Resources you will find the wanted „mobilemanager.mpkg“. Right Click again and go into Contents/Packages. If you deciced to just upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, then you won’t need the „mobile_manager_application.pkg“. This should be already installed if you used the stick before. However you will need the „huawei_universal_425_05.pkg“. This file contains the necessary drivers for Lion.

After you installed these drivers, you can go check your network settings and devices in your system preferences pane. My Mobile Partner complained about a missing phone number, which needs to be called. This was a crucial part of the installation, because I thought that the Lion Update kept all necessary network interfaces and settings. However it will forget the number that needs to be called. So you need to add „*99#“ to the network adapter.

You should be ready to go by now, press connect and try to establish a connection on Lion. Of course you should at least run once the MobilePartner application so that you can enter your SIM pin number.

Bezahlen mit Click and Buy und PayPal

Gestern habe ich mir ein neues Autoradio im Internet bestellt. Als Bezahlmethode habe ich mich dabei für Click and Buy (CaB) entschieden.

Click und Buy war mir kein Unbekanntes Bezahlsystem. Um im iTunes Store Programme und Musik kaufen zu können, muss man entweder eine Kreditkarte hinterlegen oder man wählt eben Click and Buy. In meinem Fall habe ich mich für letzteres entschieden, da ich über keine Kreditkarte verfüge.
Bezahlen mit Click and Buy und PayPal weiterlesen